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A little about me

Peter was born in Bathurst in July, 1968. He was so excited to meet his parents that he was, in fact, born at their home on the bed in Bathurst before his Mum made it to the hospital. He was raised in Bathurst in childhood and adolescence. However, when asked, Peter says he never really grew up – “I don’t think I ever will. I’m a kid at heart.” Peter and his wife, Janelle, relocated to the Central Coast from Bathurst in 2001, making their home in Bateau Bay.

Peter started in Real Estate in 1990, initially in Property Management. Since, Peter has 25 years experience in the Real Estate industry, with a commitment to service excellence as his number one priority.

He quickly established himself as one of the leading real estate salespeople in this marketplace, and soon became an elite member of his previous Real Estate organisation, placing him among the top international salespeople in the group and consistently winning awards for exceptional achievement. His relentless dedication to achieving the best results with total customer satisfaction reflects in the praise he receives from his clients. Nowdays, nearly all of his business is generated through referrals from previous customers. In addition, it is Peter’s ability to obtain record prices that affords him as one of the most respected real estate agents in the local area.

Peter’s proudest accomplishments to date include, most importantly, his two children. Followed by his first listing and sale in real estate, winning a grand final in football, landing his first big fish and scoring a hole in one in golf (nearly).

Peter hopes to be a ‘world famous’ real estate agent, but more importantly, the best in his field, delivering total customer satisfaction. He believes that Property Central sets itself apart because clients experience real estate with a difference. He says “Whilst buying and selling can be stressful, we try to make it fun and relaxed but most of all it’s delivered with 100% satisfaction and professionalism.”

Peter’s reputation at a renowned agent,  welcoming and friendly nature and limitless work-ethic mean that as an agent and his agency continuously exceed expectations and deliver incredible results.





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